Whether you are moving into a new home, or are looking to redecorate your current living space, one of the best ways to freshen up the place and make it feel more your own, is to paint it. Changing the colour palette of a room can change the entire dynamic of it. For example, brighter colours tend to make a room look larger, while darker shades can make it appear more closed off. There are also certain colours that work better in certain spaces because of the way colours can also affect our moods. Understanding the impact these aspects have can make it a little easier when it comes to your own design choices.

If you are painting a kitchen, you might want to opt for a bright colour, like a bold red, sunny yellow, energetic orange, or warm brown, as these colours can evoke conversation, appetite, and feel welcoming with their saturated hues. These shades also work well in dining rooms and living rooms because of the sense of liveliness they bring forth. Cooler colours like blue, green, beige, grey, and pastel purple, work best in bedrooms, bathrooms, and even office spaces, as these crisp, cool tones contribute to a calmer, more relaxing atmosphere, one where you can unwind in, but also concentrate on tasks peacefully.

If you are looking to add more to a room than just a new shade of paint, then you may be interested in accent wall designs. These can vary from being simple designs, like one wall that is a different colour than the others, or vertical or horizontal stripes, to being more complex designs like geometric lines, a custom pattern – such as palm trees on the accent wall of a beach themed room – or a mural. You may opt to get even more creative and try colour blocking designs. By contrasting the colour of your ceiling with the colour of the walls, you can create a bold, dramatic colour palette. This can make for some really beautiful spaces, great for entertaining guests in; or you can take a softer approach and go for a more gentle palette, for a room that is equally as beautiful, but more soothing on the eyes and therefore better to retreat to and relax in, and is still fresh and modern looking.

If you are thinking about painting the outside of your home, that can be a great way to bolster your house’s curb appeal, as well as helping the property look new again. Darker tones can aid in making a structure look bolder and stronger, reds and saturated, earthy browns and dark greys. Blue tones, especially navy, accented with white trim can give a home a nautical feeling, which is great for beach towns. Yellows can make a home feel warm and inviting. A nice white, light grey, or beige, can give a home a fresh, clean look. Greens and light browns make for a lovely, naturesque colour palette that fits into any neighbourhood beautifully as it reflects the greenery around it.

There are so many unique ways to repaint and integrate your personality into your home! Our living spaces reflect us, so let yours be a reflection and product of your creativity!