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You should always be in love with the home that you live in, but no matter how attractive it once was, every house will eventually need some touch-ups to maintain all of its beauty. However, no matter what kind of paint your home is in need of, there are always challenges involved.

Obtaining a truly beautiful paint job can end up taking more time and money than you anticipated, whether you attempt the task yourself or hire a disreputable contractor. At Pro Home Painters Niagara, we want to be your trusted source for the professional painting services you need. With a focus on cleanliness and efficiency at affordable and consistent costs, our industry-leading experts can turn your house into the home of your dreams in no time at all.

Specialized Painters for Every Task

We have specialists for every type of home painting job, from wood staining to popcorn ceiling removal.

Choose From 200+ Colour/Material Samples

We only work with high-quality materials and have the experience to know what type of products work best in certain situations.

Free Quotes!

Our estimates are always free and no-obligation.  No job is too big or too small.

Interior Painting Services

Everyone’s familiar with the process of interior painting, but actually completing a beautiful interior paint job is a much more difficult process than many realize.

Poor interior painting work will create uneven results, with unattractive variations in color, thickness, and finish that fail to achieve the clean beauty a good paint job can provide. Not only that, but the process can be incredibly time-consuming without years of experience to expedite the operation.

At Pro Home Painters Niagara, we seek to bring you the highest quality in interior painting that the industry has to offer and save you time, effort, and money in the long run.

Exterior Painting Services

Exterior painting can also involve risks and dangers that can only be eliminated by hiring seasoned professionals. Working at heights to paint second-story exteriors is dangerous without experience, and painting close to live electrical power lines or equipment poses the risk of electrocution. Even without imminent dangers, the work is physically exhausting and extensively time-consuming.

Pro Home Painters Niagara seeks to eliminate all of these issues with a focus on cleanliness, safety, and efficiency. Despite the inherent difficulties associated with exterior painting, all of the work we do outside matches the same bar of excellence that we set for the work we do inside. Our professionals know how to get the job done without producing shoddy work or putting your home at risk. When you contract us for exterior painting work, you can be sure that you’ll receive the highest standard that home painting has to offer, at a cost that you can afford.

Other Painting Services

We can stain all types of wood – oak, pine, maple, etc. We use a variety of stain materials, oil based and water based, depending on the application and job parameters. Our most popular service is staining wood staircases to match adjacent hardwood flooring. Our staining services will truly bring out the natural beauty in your home’s wood!

Another way to revitalize an old home or building is popcorn ceiling scraping. Although popcorn ceilings were once in vogue, that time is decades past, and most homeowners view these ceilings as unfortunate and dated eyesores. However, thanks to the professionals at Pro Home Painters Niagara, eliminating this aesthetic once and for all may be easily within your grasp. Professional popcorn scraping services can take away this eyesore and leave you with the smooth, modern ceiling that you’ve been waiting for.

About Us

Committed to Quality 

Our painters are equipped with the highest industry standards of paint rollers, roller covers, and brushes to help create the best results possible on your walls and ceilings.

Likewise, we only choose paints that we know will provide beautiful colors and finishes. We also carefully calculate the amount of paint that we really need, so that you can feel confident you won’t be charged extra for unnecessary and extraneous supplies.

Whatever estimate we give you will be the number you pay, and you won’t find surprising fees or hidden costs when you get your final bill. We believe in the value of trust, and building a lasting relationship with our customers is far more important to us than nickel-and-diming you for extra cash in our pockets.

We serve the entire Niagara region, especially St. Catharines, Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Falls and Welland.

Why Choose Us

We Are Experienced Pros

Home painting projects have become very popular in the DIY space, but there are still some projects best left to the professionals, like wood staining and popcorn ceiling scraping.

The best way to make sure that wood staining projects don’t go awry is to hire the experts at Pro Home Painters Niagara. Our careful process takes all the factors in your wood and home into account, so you can feel confident that the work we do will treat your wood right. Less experienced contractors might rush through some of the steps or ignore important elements and end up with an uneven, unsatisfactory final result. Our expertise combines with our consistent efficiency to get the job done both quickly and thoroughly so that it won’t have to be done over again.

One of the difficulties of popcorn scraping is the mess that it can leave on your floor and furniture. Our approach carefully avoids this unfortunate result with proper preparation, and our clean-up will leave the area entirely spotless. After removal, we can sand, prime, and paint your ceiling to make it truly beautiful. If any imperfections that were hidden by the texture end up being revealed, we can cover these up with joint compound and sand the area for a completely clean and flush appearance. We can then reinstall any necessary fans and lights for you to enjoy your refreshed room.

We are also experienced in the identification of asbestos, which was commonly used in popcorn ceilings up until 1985. So if your home was built before 1985, we have to test it for asbestos prior to giving you an estimate for the removal.  The testing procedure involves taking a sample of your popcorn ceiling and sending it off to a laboratory for testing. If the test comes back negative, then we can proceed. If tests shows evidence of asbestos, then you will have to contact an asbestos abatement specialist instead.

If you’ve been thinking about undergoing any of these possible transformations for your home, don’t wait any longer to get what you’ve been dreaming of. You can trust the experts at Pro Home Painters Niagara to complete any tasks quickly, cleanly, and on budget, leaving you to enjoy your beautiful new paint jobs as soon as possible.

So what are you waiting for? Reach out for a quote today. We’re confident in the value of the services that we offer, and we’re proud to offer free estimates that we’ll stick by for all of our services. We look forward to hearing from you!

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